Torn ligaments result from the most severe movements, such as forcibly twisting a joint, and their onset is marked by excruciating and instant pain. They can escalate to the point of making the joint unstable and impossible to use.

The team at ViscoGen® is dedicated to providing a non-invasive, surgery-free means of healing and repairing torn ligaments. Traditional treatments can take a long time to accomplish this goal, ranging from weeks up to a year for more severe injuries. Regenerative therapy — medicine that uses advanced techniques to accelerate the healing of damaged tissue — can significantly reduce those times and lead to better results.

What is regenerative therapy?

Regenerative medicine represents a new frontier in healing the body without the need for invasive surgeries. There are a number of options for this kind of therapy, but the leading strategy employed by ViscoGen® uses exosomes.

Exosomes are a natural part of the body: extracellular vesicles that are near-ubiquitous in our cells, body fluids and tissues. They support signaling between cells using a combination of growth factors, nucleic acids and signaling proteins. When isolated for medicinal uses, this “exosomal cargo” significantly boosts the body’s ability to heal using its own natural processes.

The safety and effectiveness of exosomes has been attested by multiple in vitro studies. A key part of their efficacy comes from the fact that they contain almost triple the growth factors of any other regenerative product.

How does regenerative medicine heal torn ligaments?

Exosomes interact with the body’s cells through their surface receptor molecules, and the cells absorb exosomal “cargo” through the same processes that allow them to take in water and other dissolved molecules.

This makes the use of exosomes extremely safe, with no need of synthetics or drugs and virtually no risk of adverse reactions or rejection. You can think of them as supercharging the process by which your ligament tissues world normally heal and recover. Where surgery can involve significant risks and lengthy downtime, therapy using exosomes involves little or no downtime and eliminates a great deal of risk.

Looking to try regenerative medicine in Orlando?

ViscoGen® leads the way in central Florida in the use of regenerative therapy and a range of other cutting-edge surgery-free treatments, including our proprietary non-surgical knee pain program. Our expert medical team has a track record of success and all the qualifications needed to administer safe and effective care. If you’re looking for regenerative medicine in Orlando, we can meet your needs.

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