(with Exosomes)

Pain Relief for

Knee & Joint Pain

Ligament Tears/Sprains

Muscle Tears/Sprains

Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Conditions

In the search for ways to heal and repair the body without surgery, regenerative medicine has become the new frontier.

The more scientists research and review the regenerative products that most safely and effectively accelerate and promote the body’s natural healing process, one product consistently comes out ahead.

That product is Exosomes.



Exosomes are small, naturally occurring vesicles that play an important role in cell-to-cell communication. They contain a variety of bioactive molecules, including growth factors, signaling proteins, and nucleic acids, which work together to promote tissue regeneration and repair.

In fact, it is estimated that Exosomes contain nearly 3 times the amount of growth factors as any other regenerative product.

More growth factors, of course, mean a better ability to heal and restore damaged tissue.

Regenerative Therapy
is a Minimally Invasive,
Injection-Based Procedure

Regenerative Therapy can be used to treat a wide range of joint and soft tissue injuries, including arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strains, muscle tears, sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions.

Unlike surgery, which carries significant risks and a long recovery period, exosome therapy typically requires little to no downtime.

Exosome Therapy
Healthy & Safe
  • No Drugs
  • No Synthetics
  • Low Risk
One of the most significant advantages of exosome therapy is its safety profile. Because the exosomes are isolated from healthy, young cells, there is virtually no risk of rejection or adverse reaction. Additionally, exosome therapy does not require the use of drugs or synthetic materials, which can carry significant risks and side effects.

Highly Trained

Experienced Doctors

When it comes to regenerative therapy, it’s crucial to trust the doctors performing the procedure and to know the details behind the regenerative or exosome products you receive.

This is especially important given the potential for some clinics to hide the treatment they perform or use inferior products. At ViscoGen®, Orlando’s leading non-surgical joint pain specialist, patients can be assured that they are in the hands of highly trained and experienced doctors who use only the highest quality exosome products.

Treatments We Provide

Chronic Knee Pain & Instability
Knee Popping, Cracking, & Snapping
Pain Due to Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
Decreased Range of Motion
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain

Torn ACL, MCL, LCL & Meniscus
Torn Rotator Cuff
Torn Achilles Tendon
Tennis Elbow
Golfer’s Elbow

Ankle Pain
Wrist Pain
Elbow Pain
Low Back Pain (e.g., sciatica)
Hand and Foot Pain Due to Plantar Fasciitis