Chronic joint pain can have a significant impact on a person’s day-to-day life, preventing them from enjoying their chosen sports and hobbies, or carry out their duties at work. Our regenerative therapy medicine offers a lifeline for people who have tried other treatments without success. We have a variety of treatments that may offer joint pain relief, and our exosome treatments have helped thousands of people return to the activities they love.

Effective Regenerative Therapy Medicine in Orlando

Our regenerative therapy uses exosomes to support the body’s natural healing processes. Exosomes are tiny vesicles, approximately 1/1000th of the size of a cell. These vesicles are responsible for signaling and communication between cells, and they stimulate the healing of the cells themselves.

Exosomes contain growth factors, nucleic acids, and signaling proteins, making them a powerful healing tool. Our therapy involves using exosomes extracted from healthy, young cells, so the risk of them being rejected or causing adverse reactions is incredibly low. The treatment is minimally invasive, so it carries fewer risks than surgery and does not require long recovery times. There are no drugs or synthetic substances required, you’re simply supporting your body’s own healing processes.

Exosomes contain around three times as much growth factor as other regenerative substances, making them ideal for use to stimulate healing and recovery. Using our regenerative therapy can help restore and repair damaged tissue, and can make your joints feel like new.

Find Joint Pain Relief With Our Innovative Therapies

If you’ve tried other treatments without success and are starting to fear that your pain may be chronic, why not try a consultation with the team at ViscoGen®? We have extensive experience in the field of joint pain relief and have helped many people reduce or even beat their knee pain, rotator cuff injuries, arthritis and other similar issues.

From sports injuries to occupational health issues, and even wear and tear on joints, we have dealt with a huge range of issues that cause chronic pain. Our proprietary knee pain program offers lasting results without invasive surgery, allowing athletes and active individuals to get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible.

Before starting treatment our experienced doctors will meet with you to determine whether our regenerative therapy medicine is likely to have positive results in your case. If we think you’re a good candidate for the therapy we’ll explain the process, costs and likely results so you can make an informed decision and book in a treatment session.

If you’re looking for an Orlando regenerative therapy clinic to help you beat chronic pain and return to the activities you enjoy, contact ViscoGen® today to arrange a free consultation.