Are painful joints preventing you from living life to its fullest? Whether you experience chronic pain in the knees, elbows, hips, or other joints, or whether you have arthritis or osteoarthritis, relief is at hand. ViscoGen® offers revolutionary regenerative medicine therapy in Lake Nona, FL. Learn more about how you can soothe your aches and pains and get back to enjoying a full range of activities.

What is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is a type of treatment that uses the body’s own cells to heal damaged tissue. It is a minimally invasive treatment that can be used to treat a variety of joint pain conditions.

Doctors at ViscoGen® offer exosome therapy for joint pain relief. This form of regenerative joint pain relief supports the body’s natural healing process without needing to resort to surgery. Essentially, exosomes promote communication between the cells in the body. They are made up of diverse molecules, including those that stimulate growth, and they prompt a reaction that helps damaged tissue to repair, heal, restore, and regenerate.

Our physicians inject exosome-based medicines at the point of pain, enabling the body to repair itself. As the body regenerates, the underlying problem is resolved and pain decreases.

What Conditions Can Regenerative Therapy Treat?

Medical professionals at ViscoGen® can use regenerative medicine therapy to provide pain relief for a wide array of conditions. These include:

  • Knee / Hip / Shoulder / Wrist / Ankle / Elbow and other joint pain
  • Muscle tears and sprains
  • Ligament tears and sprains
  • Musculoskeletal issues

Whether your pain is due to a sports injury, an active lifestyle, or a natural but unfortunate side effect of aging, relief is available.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine therapy uses your own body’s cells to heal damaged tissue. It is a safe and effective option for treating chronic joint pain, and it can provide long-term relief without the need for drugs or surgery.

Regenerative medicine therapy is a safe and effective treatment with a low risk of side effects. It is a good option for people who are looking for a long-term solution to their chronic joint pain.

Here are some of the benefits of regenerative medicine therapy:

  • It is a minimally invasive treatment.
  • It uses your own body’s cells to heal damaged tissue.
  • It is safe and effective.
  • It has a low risk of side effects.
  • It can provide long-term relief from chronic joint pain.

Get Long-Lasting Pain Relief

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