Dealing with chronic knee pain can be a frustrating experience. The constant discomfort not only limits your physical activity, but also affects your ability to carry out daily tasks. Fortunately, ViscoGen®, Orlando’s leader in knee and joint pain relief, offers a non-surgical alternative to alleviate knee pain called KneeVisc 5®. With this treatment, you can effectively manage your discomfort without the need for a lengthy recovery period following invasive surgery. Discover the benefits of this exclusive non-surgical knee pain relief treatment, only available in Orlando.

Osteoarthritis and Knee Pain

As a result of osteoarthritis, the cartilage that protects bones and joints against damage and cushions them against shock, gradually deteriorates. This breakdown leads to changes in the bones and ultimately causes knee pain, swelling, and stiffness. Consequently, everyday activities such as standing for extended periods, bending to lift heavy objects, and other activities that involve your knees may become more challenging. However, with the help of KneeVisc 5®, a revolutionary non-surgical treatment, people with osteoarthritis can reduce their knee pain and regain their ability to engage in daily activities with ease.

KneeVisc 5® for Knee Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing knee pain and want to avoid the hassle and recovery time associated with surgery, KneeVisc 5® may be the answer. This non-surgical treatment option offered by ViscoGen® provides effective relief for chronic knee pain without requiring surgery or extensive rehabilitation services. Whether you reside in Lake Nona or other areas of Orlando, KneeVisc 5® can help you manage your knee pain and regain your mobility, so you can get back to your normal routine.

KneeVisc 5® is quick, relatively painless and requires no downtime, giving you knee pain relief without having to set foot in a hospital or take time off from work. The proprietary five-step process has the following benefits for patients with knee osteoarthritis:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced healing of damaged tissue
  • Increased mobility
  • Rapid pain relief

The first step in the process is advanced imaging to identify the source of your chronic knee pain and make sure that KneeVisc 5® is the right treatment. Your knee pain doctor in Orlando will explain the results, helping you understand why your knee is hurting and what you can expect from your treatment plan. The next step is to administer hyaluronic acid (HA) injections. HA lubricates the joint, reducing friction and increasing mobility.

The KneeVisc 5® process also includes knee bracing and alignment, advanced injection protocols to promote natural healing and an individualized strengthening program to give you long-term pain relief.

Try Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment

If you have chronic knee pain, surgery isn’t the only answer. Call ViscoGen® in Orlando at (407) 809-8994 to learn more about how KneeVisc 5® provides long-term pain relief without invasive procedures. Led by the legendary Dr. Gerald Mattia, our team of physicians have extensive experience performing surgery, but they’ve decided to focus on delivering non-surgical knee pain relief to residents of Lake Nona and other parts of Orlando.