As Orlando’s leader in non-surgical solutions to knee pain, we see countless patients that hope to avoid the strain and complications of more invasive relief options. Many have been told there are no alternatives to surgery and are relieved to learn about ViscoGen’s KneeVisc 5® plan, which is a comprehensive treatment protocol developed through years of research and commitment by our entire medical team. What is KneeVisc 5®, and how can it serve as your knee surgery alternative?

Understanding Surgery

The knee is a large and complex joint, and with so many working parts, any number of injuries can cause damage that necessitates pain-relief intervention. In some cases, surgery is required for removal or reconstruction of severe tears in the cartilage or ligaments, for removal of loose bone fragments, or for treatment of kneecap problems or infections. Unfortunately, some physicians also recommend knee surgery or even total knee replacement for complex pain conditions, when as many as 34% of those procedures aren’t necessary and won’t provide lasting relief. Patients that undergo expensive knee surgeries often face a long and painful recovery process, experience difficulty with some movements and numbness, and may ultimately need revision and replacement surgeries in the future.

Understanding the Causes of Pain

Patients often seek knee pain relief for chronic conditions that are the result of lingering symptoms after injury, from long-term deconditioning, or from the wear and tear of osteoarthritic changes in the joint. In every situation, interventional steps can be taken to create a healing environment inside the knee to eliminate pain and inflammation while encouraging tissue repair, realignment, and improved mobility. When surgery is recommended for conditions that don’t require it, the source of the pain is often not addressed, and relief is delayed or minor.

Understanding the Solutions

KneeVisc 5® is a comprehensive treatment protocol offered by Orlando’s leader in pain relief, ViscoGen™, and is the result of years of research and a dedication to providing lasting solutions for our clients and community. Using the latest FDA-approved, injection-based treatments, we maximize relief through a treatment plan that builds upon and complements each successive step:

  • Our first steps involve rapidly reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Joint mobility is improved through re-lubrication.
  • Realigning the joint often corrects mechanical issues for structural relief.
  • Strengthing the joint provides improved stability and true, long-term relief.
  • Injections enhance healing of damaged ligaments and tissues.

When our clients experience less knee pain and easier movement, they are more likely to get back to an active lifestyle, can continue to improve health through weight loss measures, and notice improved physical and mental wellness.

Find Lasting Relief with ViscoGen™

ViscoGen’s KneeVisc 5® is Orlando’s leading non-surgical knee pain relief alternative, and with less pain and improved mobility, you’ll be able to get back to doing the things you love sooner and with no medication, anesthesia, or downtime. We’ve helped thousands of clients delay and avoid surgery and look forward to answering the questions you have about how to get started. Please call us today to make an appointment to meet with our compassionate care team!