With the season’s major holidays right around the corner, our schedules are filling with party plans, festive engagements, and seasonal preparations, and nothing dims the light of your holiday spirit faster than knee pain. This intense condition can limit your mobility, exhaust your reserves, and prevent you from enjoying time with family and doing the traditional activities you enjoy. Thankfully, Orlando’s own ViscoGen™ offers non-surgical knee pain treatments that provide joint pain relief with no down time. When you’ve got things to do, how can plans like JointVisc and KneeVisc 5® get you active and pain free this season?

Knee Pain Particulars

Knee Osteoarthritis, or OA, affects up to 1 in 4 adults in the US, and has a variety of causes. The knees are large, hardworking joints that carry nearly the weight of the entire body, so they are subject to the wear and tear that comes with aging, as well as extra forces like impact and torque from more athletic activities. New and old injuries can also contribute to acute or chronic knee pain, and the entire joint, including bones and soft tissues like cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles can be culprits that contribute to inflammation, decreased mobility and pain. ViscoGen’s successful knee pain treatments will target the problem at the source to best support fast recovery.

Pain Relief Designed for You

Because the board-certified physicians at ViscoGen™ have spent years of research and commitment to become Orlando’s most effective and reliable orthopedic pain relief providers, we’re confident in offering the comprehensive JointVisc and KneeVisc 5® solutions to our patients. Knee Osteoarthritis is considered to be a multi-factor disease, and because there’s no one reason for the pain, there’s no one way to successfully treat every joint. That’s why KneeVisc 5® is revolutionary; not only is the FDA Approved, injection-based knee pain treatment designed to maximize your results, each step complements the one before it to reduce pain, increase mobility, relubricate, and enhance tissue healing for long term results.

Appointments to Appreciate

When you schedule knee pain treatments with ViscoGen™, you can anticipate an amazing experience from start to finish. Using advanced image-guided techniques, our providers deliver the recommended knee injections into the perfect space with pinpoint precision. What this means for you is immediate lubrication within the joint to provide smooth movement, prevention of further irritation and damage. Treatments may also include modalities like Class IV laser therapy, knee bracing, and work with the anti-gravity treadmill for strengthening to get you active as soon as possible, all without the strain of surgery.

We’re Thankful for Your Trust

At ViscoGen™, you can expect to be treated like a member of our family, so you can enjoy your family this holiday season. Our compassionate team of medical providers is dedicated to providing fast knee pain relief, so if you’re experiencing joint pain, there’s no reason to delay your visit with our physicians. Call ViscoGen™ today to learn more about KneeVisc 5® and the non-surgical knee pain treatment options available for your condition!