A surprising number of seemingly simple activities and experiences could leave you with intense back pain. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Neck and shoulder pain could cramp your weekend plans. Sleep funny? There goes your morning bike ride with friends. Exercise or move incorrectly? The resulting sharp pain can have you hunched for week. Even though back pain is one of the most common reasons for medical visits, it can be hard to narrow down the exact cause of the discomfort. How do you identify the source of your strain, and when is it time to seek back pain treatment at Orlando’s ViscoGen™?

How Your Back is Built


When it comes to determining where your back pain originates, it can help to have a better understanding of how your spine is structured. The bones from the back of the neck down to the pelvis construct your back, and these are stacked in a way that disperses weight and pressure down to the ground through the legs. Soft tissues like muscles, discs, ligaments, and tendons hold theses bones in place, and nerves communicate about sensation and movement. Any of these bones might be moved out of alignment, or the tissues strained or injured, so having an experienced team like the professionals at ViscoGen™ to perform an expert assessment is key to knowing how to move forward for relief.

When Pain is Dull and Aching


If you’re experiencing a pretty constant, aching pain that could be described as dull instead of sharp or you have the sensation of stiffness, pain could be coming from an issue within the joints. Over time, structures inside the joints of the spine or the limbs start to wear, which can lead to osteoarthritic changes that cause pain. ViscoGen™ offers a number of joint care treatment plans for pain relief, including KneeVisc 5® and JointVisc that specifically treat these issues at the source.

When Pain Gets Worse with Movement


Some back pain can result from straining a muscle during exercise, or because of repetitive actions over time. You might recognize muscle pain in that it gets worse when you move, especially when bending over or stretching. Sensations of spasms, cramping, soreness, or tightness are other indicators that your injury originates within the muscles within the back, or those that support the pelvis or limbs. Movement specialists like ViscoGen’s physical therapists can help determine which muscles are involved and how to relieve and strengthen them.

When Pain is Sharp and Shooting


Some of the most complex movements for our spine involve cross-plane actions — think of a golf swing that is part twist and fold or taking something heavy off an overhead shelf to place near your side. If the body isn’t regularly conditioned for a variety of movements, it’s easy to experience an injury that could involve nerve pain. Nerve pain is often sharp and intense, and could be described as shooting or radiating, since pain radiates away from the spine outward into the body and limbs. Any nerve pain should be checked by your physician at ViscoGen™, but it’s an emergency if you experience lingering numbness or any loss of function.

When Pain is Immobilizing, Hot, and Swelling


Sometimes when we experience a jarring movement or an accident, the body can move in an unnatural way or past an appropriate range motion and tissues can experience a “tear.” Any tears in muscles, ligaments, tendons, or discs immediately compromise mobility, and are often accompanied by intense pain and swelling or bruising. Tears are often acute injuries that need immediate attention, or they risk becoming chronic pain conditions.

Your Back Pain Treatment in Orlando Starts at ViscoGen™


At VisocGen™, we’re dedicated to providing the most innovative, non-surgical pain relief options available so our patients can find the support they need to get back to the active lifestyles they love. You can count on our highly trained staff of doctors, therapists, and nurse practitioners to be 100% dedicated to your quality, comprehensive care for fast and effective back pain relief. Eliminate the concern of guesswork when it comes to pain, and contact ViscoGen™ today!