When the Board-Certified Physicians that founded ViscoGen™ clinic came together, it was with the goal of providing extraordinary results in pain relief through the powerful combination of comprehensive care and innovative medical advances. This non-surgical approach has helped thousands of patients regain strength, stability, and mobility to reestablish the active lifestyles they deserve, making ViscoGen™ the area leader in joint pain relief. How will ViscoGen’s knee injection therapies provide you with great results?

Commitment to Compassion

After years of research and commitment in seeking surgical alternatives, ViscoGen’s team combined the most effective techniques in knee pain relief into a single, comprehensive plan. Surgery can be time-consuming, costly, and is oftentimes unwarranted and ineffective, and through a dedication to seeking the most impactful care options, ViscoGen™ can now offer access to these revolutionary techniques to everyone from Weekend Warriors to PGA Pros. What does effective treatment look like?

More Than a Shot

Chronic knee pain conditions can be complex, but with ViscoGen’s comprehensive 5-step program, patients have the most promising opportunity to see real improvements in knee pain relief and joint function. Instead of just temporarily alleviating symptoms with basic knee injections, KneeVisc 5® takes the latest FDA-approved advances and incorporates them into a series of steps that complements the one before it for maximum impact:

  • At the core of our plan is a series of injections using Hyaluronic Acid, a natural lubricant produced by the body daily. This coats the knee joint to provide smooth movement and to prevent further irritation and damage.
  • Also known as Visco-Supplementation, these targeted injections are applied with advanced imaging technology, eliminating guesswork and allowing for pinpoint accuracy for the fastest and best results.
  • Beyond image-guided injections, our teams may also apply modalities like Class IV laser therapy, which uses near-infrared laser light to reduce pain, accelerate healing, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation and stiffness.
  • Once pain and inflammation are reduced, our patient protocol is further individualized and may include options like knee bracing that realigns the joint to correct the initial issue.
  • Re-alignment of the knee joint is further stabilized with knee strengthening exercises utilized in physical therapy.
  • To ensure continued stability and strengthening, we offer our patients the opportunity to build mobility, range of motion, and stamina while exercising in the non-impact, supportive environment of an anti-gravity treadmill. Special harnessing and adjustable inflation allow us to precisely reduce weight on joints while exercise building muscle and flexibility.

For The Best Results, Trust the Best Knee Pain Relief Providers

Although knee pain is increasingly common, suffering with the inflammation, immobility, and instability of your injuries doesn’t have to be. The team at ViscoGen™ is dedicated to your fast and effective knee pain relief, so that you can quickly get back to doing all the things you love with more ease and confidence. Call ViscoGen™ today to arrange an appointment to learn more about your options—you have nothing to lose but the pain!