Millions of older Americans are staying active longer than ever, and while mobility and exercise are necessary for maintaining good health, they can sometimes come at the cost of pain-free joint function. Once mild knee pain becomes intense or chronic, we start to slow down, and that’s when muscle strength decreases and body weight and excess joint pressure increase. ViscoGen™ offers an amazing solution that puts an end to this cycle of knee pain. How can the revolutionary Anti-Gravity Treadmill work to help you with knee strengthening and weight loss?

Get to Know Knee OA

If you’re one of 32.5 million Americans with Osteoarthritis (OA), you’re likely already familiar with the “wear and tear” condition that impacts your entire joint, leading to degraded cartilage, changes in bone shape, loss of integrity in the ligaments, and changes to the volume and quality of cushioning joint fluid. Any one of these issues can lead to increased inflammation, which causes pain, loss of mobility, and the joint stiffness that make riding the couch preferable to riding a bike! While some people never develop OA, factors like weak muscles and weight gain or obesity are major contributors to the condition, so many physicians recommend continued exercise to avoid the increased knee pressure and pain that ultimately result in debility. But how can you exercise a joint when it hurts?

A Revolutionary Breakthrough

Knee pain can quickly become overwhelming, making it a challenge to even walk or stand without discomfort. When healthcare providers recommend exercise and weight loss as non-surgical support for pain relief, they often don’t take this into consideration. At ViscoGen™, we recognize the tremendous value in offering our patients every possible opportunity to be involved in their own recovery, including breakthrough technology like the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. How does it work?

  • Using patented NASA air pressure technology, patients and athletes use “positive air pressure” to reduce the impact of gravity on the joints.
  • Patients are comfortably fitted to step into an airtight chamber which is then inflated to the desired level, reducing body weight by as much as 80%.
  • The supportive “bubble” creates a fall-safe environment so patients can use natural gait mechanics and move without fear of injury.
  • Precise adjustment increments help patients and athletes gauge improvements in range of motion and knee strengthening.

Make the Most of Your Rehabilitation

Finding a way to get more active is just one important aspect of a comprehensive treatment plan designed to counter weight gain, rebuild joint integrity, and decrease knee pain. ViscoGen™ is a leader in non-surgical treatment of the symptoms of OA and chronic knee pain, with options including laser therapy, therapeutic bracing, physical therapy, and Knee Visc 5, a game-changing solution developed by a team of board-certified physicians. Including relubrication of the joint, realignment, and strengthening for long-term relief, this proprietary plan has helped thousands avoid surgery and get back to the active lifestyles they love.

Walk off the Weight of Knee Pain at ViscoGen™

The board-certified physicians at ViscoGen™ are dedicated to providing the most innovative and comprehensive options available for knee pain relief today, and are elated to offer revolutionary technology like the Anti-Gravity treadmill to help clients avoid risky surgeries with lengthy recoveries. The weight of chronic pain can feel unbearable, but you don’t have to carry the burden alone. Let the compassionate team at ViscoGen™ help lighten the load and get you back to doing the things you love. Why wait? Call us today!