According to a cross-sectional study of senior adults, the prevalence of chronic knee pain was over 46%, meaning many of us are all too familiar with the discomfort and disability the condition brings with it. Knee pain can quickly become part of a vicious cycle— when it hurts to move, we are less active and when we are less active, we experience weight gain and increase pressure on the joints. As pressure increases, so do pain and stiffness, further limiting our mobility. Thankfully, the board-certified physicians at ViscoGen™ have dedicated their lives to creating a comprehensive care system that addresses every facet of knee pain, providing the industry’s most effective, non-surgical treatment for relief and recovery. So how can ViscoGen™ help you beat the cycle of inactivity?

Motion is Lotion

For most of the joints in the human body, regular movement and exercise are essential for health and function, and this is especially true for synovial joints like the knees. The ends of the upper and lower leg bones are lined with cartilage to provide smooth surfaces that glide across each other during movement, and when we move, joint fluid is produced to lubricate these elements. However, as we age and become less active, these tissues can begin to “dry out” and show wear, leaving us with more minor “lotion for the motion.” Arthritic changes like these can be abated through non-surgical interventions and strategic protocols like KneeVisc 5® that reduce inflammation, relubricate joints and rehabilitate injured areas to keep us moving.


Factors like tissue degradation and dryness, increased pressure, and immobility of the joints can all build inflammation and pain. So, one of the most essential elements of knee pain relief is treating inflammation at the source. ViscoGen™ provides several options, including targeted injections for pain and Class IV Laser Therapy, which can significantly reduce pain by stimulating tissue repair, improving circulation to affected areas, and soothing stiffness and swelling.


In those patients experiencing decreased lubrication and cushioning in the joints, HA injections can provide incredible pain relief and improved mobility. Hyaluronic Acid is the naturally occurring lubricant within the knee joint. Through this Visco-Supplementation process, patients can expect smoother movement, joint strengthening, ligament, and tissue healing enhancement, and possibly knee realignment.


ViscoGen’s KneeVisc 5® treatment plan would not be complete without dedicated physical therapy’s stabilizing and strengthening benefits for rehabilitation of injured or weakened areas. Physical therapists help our patients build confidence and mobility by assessing knee alignment and gait, improving the range of motion in the joint, and gently strengthening muscles above and below the knees with targeted exercises. Improving fitness and endurance is also much more accessible to our patients with our Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Using a combination of air and harnessing, we can eliminate most of the pressure and impact on recovering knee joints by eliminating up to 80% of body weight while you securely walk or run on the treadmill.

Move Forward in Life with ViscoGen™

Intense, chronic knee pain can keep you from the active and involved lifestyle that you’re used to, and unfortunately, that inactivity can worsen the problem. Seeking treatment with a compassionate and qualified care team is a big step forward, and one you don’t have to take alone. The professionals at ViscoGen™ are dedicated to helping our patients find fast and lasting relief while avoiding or delaying surgery through effective alternative medical options. Have questions about how we can help you? Please call us today to learn more.