Are you feeling re-invigorated to get outside as Spring arrives? We’re lucky to be within the “no snow” department here in Orlando. Yet, we still tend to put off workout routines during the winter months. Thankfully, the snow is finally beginning to melt up north for our Florida winter residents and clients at VISOGEN™. Yay! Now is the time to get in shape and feel fit with some springtime outdoor workout routines. Even if you’ve had previous injuries, here are a few options for you.

Outdoor fitness routines for people experiencing neck, back or knee pain.

Walking every day is a great outdoor workout routine that keeps you healthy and fit for spring. Even better? Walking can be done by yourself, with friends and even with your pet! Make sure you maintain a good walking pace to get the most out of your walk and explore areas you’ve never seen before. Many great walking paths and hiking trails allow you to walk great distances and when the view is great, you hardly realize you’re exercising. By walking for just 15 minutes a day, you can reap many benefits:

● Ease joint pain.
● Lose weight.
● Improve cardiovascular health.
● Reduce anxiety and depression.
● Jumpstart your active lifestyle and improve fitness.
● Improve brain function.

Swimming is another beneficial low-impact outdoor workout for back pain. Implementing a workout routine in water allows the body to be buoyant and reduces compression on the lower back. In addition to swimming, pool exercises such as water aerobics, aqua jogging, and water yoga help release endorphins and relax the nervous system. As a result, the tense muscles surrounding the areas of pain also relax. It’s a win-win!

Biking/Cycling is one of the most fun ways to get fit and improve balance while exercising outside. In addition, by helping to strengthen your core abdominal muscles and glutes, cycling makes you feel younger! Recent studies have found that cycling:

  • Slows the aging process.
  • Rejuvenates the immune system.
  • Preserves muscle mass and strength.

Play Outside to Heal and Relieve Stress and Neck Pain

Stretching exercises such as outdoor pilates and yoga provide a fun and refreshing way to play outside while helping to lengthen muscles and build strength. If you suffer from neck, knee or back pain, classes such as restorative and chair yoga can help relieve neck pain while remaining seated. Some seated yoga poses that help with neck pain include:

  • Seated Eagle Arms Pose: Stretches the neck and back of shoulders.
  • Seated Mountain Pose: Lengthens the shoulders and upper back. 
  • Seated Staff Pose: Opens the chest and front of the shoulders. 

Get Outside Pain-Free With the Help of ViscoGen™

Our medical team believes in approaching pain and injuries with non-surgical treatments first, with surgery as a last resort—using physical therapy and our proprietary laser therapy KneeVisc 5 ®. We also offer Spinal Decompression Therapy to help relieve back and neck pain and get you back to the outdoor activities you love like golf, tennis and pickleball. As a result, our team has helped thousands of patients with individualized and unique conditions receive specialty care for optimal results. Learn more about treatments ViscoGen™ has to offer our clients.

Contact us today if you are experiencing pain and discomfort. The consultation is free, so why wait?