At ViscoGen™, we believe in the value of the word and our commitment to patients in non-surgical orthopedics is important to us. Our goal is to keep people active while developing the most effective treatments to relieve knee and joint pain without surgery. We have helped thousands of patients within the Orlando area delay, and ultimately avoid surgery. In addition to our commitment to patients; we believe hearing what they have to say is just as valuable. This is why patient reviews for KneeVisc5 ® are important to us. Don’t just take our word for it; our clients speak the loudest when it comes to the value of our work. Read some of the best comments and reviews our patients have to say about their success in using a non-surgical approach to knee and joint pain at ViscoGen™. Their words speak volumes.

What do people really say?

They put you at ease.

We could not be prouder of our highly trained doctors and staff for creating this feeling of ease for patients. People who experience first hand the pain of a knee or joint injury know that the pain is quickly followed by fear of a looming surgery. A surgery that is unwanted if other options are available. There is an uneasiness one feels when visiting a surgeon; being told that surgery is the only option. We wish to put you at ease and help you succeed in relieving your pain. This can be done using our safe and effective proprietary non-surgical treatments like KneeVisc5®.

Our highly skilled and fully certified staff are dedicated 100% to the science of non-surgical solutions for knee and joint pain. Clients share how they felt when returning to enjoying their active lives like teaching dance again, riding a bike, or simply being able to walk along the beach.

“The Doctor and the whole staff, the nurses are amazing. They take a personal interest in all their patients. That doesn’t happen in every office.” – Randy Black

Those who have pain should try!

KneeVisc5® uses a 5-step program of natural injections that work by replacing the natural gel-like substance in the knee joint, increasing the shock absorption and lubrication. Sometimes referred to as visco-supplementation, ViscoGen™ uses FDA approved injections that are incorporated into a comprehensive 5 step treatment plan to help get our patients back to playing again. Patients like Bob, who shared he was able to return to his tennis game post our knee pain treatment plan.

“ From the time you walk into the door everyone is wonderful. They put you at ease….I am happy again… I am me again… You have nothing to lose but the pain.”   – Leslie Lewis

Be a part of our Success

Contact ViscoGen to learn more about our knee pain treatment as a simple solution for non-surgical knee pain, and schedule a free consultation to see if our non-surgical treatments can help you.

We are 100% dedicated to helping our patients return to their lifestyle and get back to the activities they enjoy. In cases where surgery is needed, we will work to help find the best surgeons for your individual needs. You have nothing to lose but the pain.