Live 2022 free of Knee Pain with the Help of ViscoGen™!

Osteoarthritis is the main cause of knee pain, but it is far from the only one. It’s important to take steps to reduce knee pain and stay active to help the joint remain limber. At ViscoGen™, we believe in maintaining a positive attitude and high quality of life. To that end, our doctors provide non-surgical treatment for knee pain in Orlando. Make 2022 the year you finally live without knee pain!

Non-Surgical Solutions for Knee Pain

ViscoGen™ was founded by former surgeons who opened a practice based on non-surgical solutions. Using the body’s own healing power combined with powerful technology, it offers innovative pain management techniques for chronic joint pain. Patients desiring fast pain relief receive a number of treatments including the following:

  • Injections
  • Joint Visc protocol
  • KneeVisc5®  protocol

Proprietary treatment protocols require less downtime and no anesthesia. So, make an appointment today for a consultation and find out how you can return to an active life quickly.

Tips for Knee Pain Relief

The acronym RICE provides a DIY knee pain relief routine you can follow at home. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you have knee pain caused by arthritis flare ups or a minor injury, this alternative treatment can help keep the swelling down. You can also wear a compression bandage and routinely elevate your knee to help promote healing and rest the joint.

How Class IV Laser Therapy Works

Class IV laser therapy uses red and near-infrared wavelengths that have a therapeutic effect on your injured knee. Laser therapy has numerous beneficial implications for knee pain relief, including the following:

  • Reduces Pain. Laser therapy provides dramatic knee pain management for both acute and chronic conditions.
  • Accelerates Healing. By stimulating the tissue, this therapy reduces inflammation and minimizes the scar tissue, resulting in rapid healing.
  • Improves circulation. By delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues damaged by injury or disease, the process promotes healing.
  • Reduces Inflammation. Class IV Laser therapy also reduces muscle spasms, swelling, stiffness and joint pain.

Knee Pain Treatment in Orlando

KneeVisc 5® uses FDA approved injections to help manage knee pain. This comprehensive treatment produces dramatic results.

The benefits of this treatment protocol include the following:

  • Reduction in inflammation and pain
  • Better lubrication for the knee joint to improve mobility
  • Realignment of the knee joint
  • Strengthening of the joint and surrounding tissue for long-lasting relief
  • Enhanced healing for knee ligaments and tissues

After an initial consultation, we can provide you with recommendations for which treatment plan would work best for your specific condition. With increased mobility you can return to your goals of remaining more active, losing weight and keeping a positive mindset.