Many people who have chronic knee pain find that cooler weather triggers their discomfort. There are various reasons for this phenomenon that we’ll explore in this article. It’s helpful to note that chronic knee joint pain is not something that patients have to live with. By meeting with a knee joint specialist in Orlando, patients can uncover what’s causing their knee pain and find non-surgical approaches for managing it successfully.

Why Does Cold Weather Trigger Knee Pain?

There are a number of reasons why cool weather can cause knee pain. If you’ve experienced a knee pain injury in the past or have a condition known as “runner’s knee,” you may notice that as soon as the weather changes and temperatures dip, your knee feels sore. One reason for winter knee pain is that the drop in temperature causes a drop in barometric pressure. This drop actually causes the fluids and bodily gases within the knee joint to expand. The expansion places pressure on the nerves in the area and the result is pain.

In Orlando, the cooling weather that’s still coupled with high humidity can also induce knee joint pain. The combination of the barometric dip and humidity impact the bones and cartilage of the knee, also causing a feeling of expansion as well as contraction. This interplay of sensations often involves knee pain.

Finally, the cool weather tends to make nerves behave more sensitively. In the summer, you may barely notice your knee pain, but as soon as cooler weather comes, you may experience pain more frequently. Many people also simply feel that their knees become more stiff in winter; this is because lower temperatures cause the fluid in the knees to thicken; this leads to stiffness and, sometimes, even pain.

Natural Treatment for Knee Pain

If you experience knee pain during Orlando’s cool season or suffer pain chronically, you may wish to consult with the board-certified physicians of ViscoGen™ who are also orthopaedic specialists. Often, surgery is not the best way to treat knee pain. ViscoGen™ has created a proprietary method for treating knee pain and improving the joint’s condition and functionality by targeting the inflammation that causes pain and rebuilding the knee’s strength.

A total knee replacement can sometimes leave patients worse off than before the surgical intervention. At ViscoGen™, we tailor our treatments to suit patients’ specific healthcare needs. We rely on advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint what’s causing patients’ knee pain. Then, we can take steps to treat underlying causes of their pain.

You experience lasting pain relief when you visit ViscoGen™. Begin the process of building back your knee with the non-surgical procedures that alleviate pain and improve mobility. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.