According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, total knee replacement surgeries are expected to increase by 189% by 2030. But many clinicians are finding that knee surgery isn’t necessarily the best solution for patients. At ViscoGen™, its board-certified physicians have developed less invasive yet effective approaches to treating knee pain and improving patients’ mobility issues. We customize care for each patient and are able to alleviate pain using natural joint injections. If you’re searching for knee pain or other joint pain treatments in Orlando, ViscoGen™ can help!

KneeVisc 5® – Knee Pain Relief Injections

Our 5-step program that uses the benefits of hyaluronic acid injections is often the best next choice for pain relief when other methods have failed.  These knee injections are natural, effective, and don’t result in any damage to the joint itself, unlike steroidal options. Not only that, they are a better option for those with diabetes, because steroids can spike blood sugar levels, complicating the condition.

HA injections work by replacing a natural, gel-like substance in the knee joint, which can increase lubrication and shock absorption. A treatment can involve a few injections and results typically last 4-5 months and up to a year. In some cases, HA injections can stimulate the knee joint to produce more acid naturally, buffering inflammation and coating nerve endings for less pain. HA injections are an important aspect of the innovative treatment process developed and offered by ViscoGen™, KneeVisc 5®.

JointVisc – Joint Pain Relief Injections

The same issues that can cause chronic knee pain can also cause similar pain in other joints; this includes hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles. Logically, the same type of non-surgical treatments that work for knee pain, work for these other joints as well!

That’s why the innovative Medical Team at ViscoGen™ developed JointVisc, a non-surgical approach to relieving pain in a range of other joints. Based on the same principles as Visco-supplementation for the knee, JointVisc helps to re-lubricate the joint, reduce pain, restore mobility and allow people to get back to an active life….without surgery.

About ViscoGen™

At ViscoGen™, we feature a series of joint pain relief protocols such as our natural injections for reducing knee pain and inflammation, and relubricating the joint for better alignment, functionality, and improved mobility. We offer treatment plans that are customized for each patient and fully integrated with their other medical care. We rely on the most advanced imaging technology in order to achieve our accurate diagnostics measures. In addition, our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve long-term joint pain relief that goes beyond mere pain relief. We help them to build their knee joint back better and correct the problems that led to their joint pain in the first place.

For experienced and natural joint pain relief in Orlando, contact ViscoGen™. We can help you learn more about our proprietary treatment plans in detail when you meet with our physicians.