When your knee swells, it’s trying to tell you something. There’s a problem. Sure, there’s a good chance it’s just minor. But it could be extremely serious. Either way, something is causing it. It is not something to be ignored.

Remember, your knees are arguably the hardest-working joints of your body. They absorb a minor impact with every step, thousands of times each day. In many ways, they’re also one of the most important joints in maintaining an active and healthy life as you age. When the knees go, so does activity and exercise. Without early treatment a knee problem can eventually lead to a risky and expensive knee replacement surgery. So, if you can be proactive and take steps to prevent surgery, you certainly should.

In the Lake Nona area, where residents love to walk on the golf courses and enjoy an active life, those concerned with potential knee problems often turn to the experienced knee pain doctors of the ViscoGen™ clinic. The approach of the ViscoGen™ team is to be proactive and non-surgical. Treat the problem early and conservatively, to prevent it from getting worse. Here are just a few of the reasons our knee pain experts suggest you should always be proactive and seek expert advice when dealing with a swollen knee.

What Causes Swollen Knees?

Knee swelling happens when fluid collects around the joint of the knee. It can be caused by simple overuse and, when treated with elevation, iced compresses and rest, it can go away on its own. Or it can be a sign of one of the following more serious conditions:

  • Damage to part of the knee, the tendons, ligaments, stabilizing muscles on the joint, not the kneecap itself
  • Overuse injuries, typically through repetitive motion, but in need of treatment
  • A symptom of an underlying medical concern
  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout or pseudogout
  • Tumors or bursitis

If treated early, most of these conditions can be controlled. But if something like bursitis is left untreated it can lead to a permanent thickening or enlargement of the bursa. That can lead to chronic inflammation and pain.

Bottom line. Be proactive. Don’t take a chance.

Always Seek Non-Surgical Knee Treatments First

As you seek treatment certain doctors may recommend surgery. But any true medical expert will tell you that surgery should always be your very last resort. Always, always exhaust all conservative, non-surgical options first.

One option for non-surgical knee pain treatment in the Orlando area is the well-known ViscoGen™ Clinic. At ViscoGen™ they offer a proprietary, 5 step, non-surgical therapy called KneeVisc 5®. This approach combines multiple steps to reduce pain and inflammation, including injections to re-lubricate the knee joint and then realignment and strengthening for long-term relief. Many consider KneeVisc 5® the first major breakthrough in non-surgical knee pain treatment in years.

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