Knee pain is no joke. It can impact every aspect of your life including, of course, fitness. Stiffness, lack of mobility, or chronic pain can make it hard to exercise and stay active. It then becomes a vicious cycle. Less exercise and activity leads to less mobility and more weight gain. Gaining weight means more pressure on your knee joints and more pain. Round and round it goes.

So it’s critical that, even with knee pain, you find some level of activity to maintain mobility, minimize weight gain and work to keep your knee pain under control as best you can. At ViscoGen™ in Orlando – we have a full physical therapy and rehabilitation team that can help guide you through ways to exercise and stay fit even as you struggle with knee pain.

Here are just a few suggestions.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The Greatest Secret of All!

This is an amazing piece of equipment that few people know about. But at ViscoGen™ in Orlando we researched the amazing benefits, so we purchased one for our patients.
Originally created for serious athletes recovering from knee injuries, the Anti-Gravity treadmill allows a patient with knee problems to walk or even jog, with almost no impact on the knees. Once on the treadmill, a plastic bubble inflates around your waist and legs, and reduces your body weight up to 50%. That means you get all the benefits of a nice long walk or jog with no impact. You also get to experience how life would feel if you were a few pounds lighter!

At ViscoGen™, our PT staff uses the Anti-Gravity treadmill with almost all our patients and it’s always available for on-going treatment. We have one of the few in the area. For more information contact ViscoGen™ today!

The Magic of a Simple Daily Walk

A simple daily walk can be life-changing. First, even at a casual pace, it’s much better aerobic exercise than people think. More importantly, it maintains the critical mobility and range of motion in your knees. Without daily movement, stiffness sets in and range of motion can be dramatically decreased. Sure, if your knees are killing you, it can be hard to get motivated for a daily walk routine. But once you get going, and range of motion improves, it can be the best part of your day.

Stretching. Floor Exercises.

It’s a simple fact. Flexibility and mobility are essential. You stop it, you lose it. So simple stretches and floor exercises can be key to keeping knee pain at bay. These movements allow you to maintain mobility and flexibility with no pounding on the knee joint. While sitting or laying on the floor, you can also use light hand weights to maintain upper body strength and get your heart rate up. Remember, any type of physical activity gets your heart beating and helps keep your weight down. Once your weight gets too high, knee pain is hard to overcome.

Yoga. Easier and More Accessible than you Think

For the adventurous there’s Yoga, and it comes on many levels. There is simple chair yoga that provides great benefits of increasing flexibility and range of motion without having to get down on the floor. If you’re flexible enough to get down on a yoga mat, the options are endless. Remember, in the digital world there are now dozens of affordable yoga classes online, so you can get all the benefits without ever leaving your house. No need for fancy yoga clothes or crowded classes. Just turn on your computer and give it a try.

Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.

If you have access to a pool, take advantage of it! For knee pain, it can change your life. Whether you’re doing solo laps or attending a water aerobics course, you can enjoy a great workout with almost no impact on your knees. For exercise, workouts in the water are as close as one can come to being weightless. All the benefits of movement. Great opportunities to improve flexibility and range of motion. Aerobic exercise to lose weight. None of the negatives of gravity. No pounding on your knees. Enough said.

Non-Invasive Knee Treatments that Enhance Your Ability to Exercise

At ViscoGen™ we incorporate exercise, physical therapy and our Anti-gravity treadmill into our non-surgical, comprehensive, 5 step knee pain therapy called KneeVisc 5®. Our Class IV laser helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Then our all natural injections help to lubricate the knee joint, improving range of motion and reducing bone on bone pain. We then work to realign and strengthen the knee joint to provide long term relief. This means no downtime, no need for anesthesia, and none of the risks of invasive surgery. Remember, simple knee injections alone don’t often provide real knee pain relief. It takes the additional steps of our comprehensive program. For most of our patients the KneeVisc 5® program allows them to get back to an active life and, yes, start exercising again.

The ViscoGen™ No-Risk Free Consultation

At ViscoGen™, our goal is to eliminate all possible obstacles and make it as easy as possible for those with knee pain to find relief and get back to an active, pain free life. That’s why we offer all potential patients the opportunity to come to our office, meet our staff, learn about our proprietary KneeVisc 5® treatment and see if it is right for you. When you need an Orlando knee pain doctor, the ViscoGen™ team of medical experts is here for you. Give us a call today and schedule your free, no-risk consultation. You have nothing to lose, but the pain.