Whether you’re injured, a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who has been experiencing ongoing shoulder pain, the physicians at ViscoGen™ offer non-surgical shoulder pain treatments in the Orlando area. We specialize in helping people overcome acute injuries as well as underlying causes of shoulder pain by finding the source, treating it, and following up with exercises and other support to help keep it at bay.

How Does ViscoGen™ Work?

If your shoulder pain is caused by arthritis, inflammation, or an old injury, the pain can affect virtually every aspect of your life. Everyday movements become painful, making it difficult to complete your daily tasks. 

At ViscoGen™, we start by using Advanced Image Technology to pinpoint the cause of your shoulder pain. Your doctor will evaluate the images to diagnose your condition. Once we establish a treatment plan, your healing journey begins with an injection of hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance that our bodies produce. This injection lubricates and decreases friction between your joints, enabling them to move naturally without pain.

In addition to the injections, we offer additional treatments that improve your mobility and strengthen your joints. This could include homework as well as treatments in our rehab facility. Once we’ve corrected the alignment, you’ll be able to resume your everyday life with reduced pain and increased mobility.

What About Alternative Treatments?

Stop by ViscoGen™ to talk to us about our Class IV Laser Therapy. Laser therapy targets your aching muscles with red and infrared lasers that stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and help your joints heal more quickly. This reduces the development of scar tissue and relieves shoulder pain without the need for invasive surgeries.

Visit a ViscoGen™ Orlando Doctor for Shoulder Pain Relief

We offer free consultations for new ViscoGen™ patients who want to learn more about our treatment options. Fill out the short form on our website to get in touch with a representative. Once we give you a call, we’ll set up an appointment so you can discuss your treatment options with a professional. Our treatments are 100% non-invasive with no surgeries, general anesthesia or long recovery periods. Contact ViscoGen™ now to learn more about your options!