A Great Alternative to Invasive Hip Replacement

Living your best life often includes being able to enjoy your favorite hobbies, keep up with grandkids, and have a life free from pain and discomfort. It can be hard for people with chronic hip pain, or joint damage from arthritis, or an injury to fully engage in favorite activities.

Many people with ongoing hip pain may think surgery is the only answer, but it may not be the case! At ViscoGen™, we offer a hip replacement alternative. Want to learn more?

Do You Need Lasting Relief From Hip Pain?

While hip replacement surgery is a common treatment for hip pain and stiffness, it’s not the only option. This procedure is extremely risky and can lead to complications like infection and months of downtime.

Non-Invasive Procedures

The medical team at ViscoGen™ is comprised of professional doctors who used to practice orthopedic and hip surgeries but now choose to pursue a less-invasive method for treating hip pain and limited mobility. Using the patented and specially developed JointVisc technology, they can help restore mobility and reduce pain in many joints in the body without the need for invasive and complicated surgeries.

Instead, FDA-approved injection-based hip pain treatment is incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan based on the individual’s condition and lifestyle. These injections are part of a program that incorporates physical therapy, helping to re-lubricate the joint and reduce pain and inflammation.

We help patients get relief faster, with less downtime and a faster return to their normal activities. Plus, we can give our patients exercises to do at home, keeping their hips flexible and engaged.

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