Chronic knee pain is one of America’s most pervasive health problems, and during Arthritis Awareness Month we’re reminded that this kind of pain is often rooted in osteoarthritis. People suffer so severely that they’re often tempted to resort to knee replacement surgeries that may not necessarily solve the problem. But what if there were a way to provide relief from the agony of arthritic knee pain without risky and invasive procedures?

The good news is that there is a way: the innovative non-surgical joint pain treatments of ViscoGen™.

Innovators in Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment

ViscoGen™ was founded by physicians and former surgeons who saw firsthand the risks these procedures could carry for patients. They came together to seek better ways to treat chronic joint pain. The result was ViscoGen™, and a set of proprietary protocols and multi-step treatment methods that focus directly on the cause of pain and delivering fast relief.

ViscoGen™ offers an advanced set of alternative treatments to knee surgery:

  • Knee Visc5® injection therapy replicates a natural lubricant produced by your own body to coat the knee joint and give it freedom of movement.
  • Class IV laser therapy stimulates the body’s tissue in order to reduce pain and accelerate healing.
  • Realignment and strengthening treatments to strengthen your knee joints and deliver long-term relief.
  • Overall fitness guidance including support on supplements and nutrition.

Imagine celebrating Arthritis Awareness Month by being able to play golf or go for a jog again. ViscoGen™ can make that dream a reality.

Discover Non-Surgical Pain Treatment This Arthritis Awareness Month

ViscoGen™ can help you treat other kinds of joint or back pain. JointVisc injection therapy replicates the KneeVisc5® joint lubrication process for a range of joints all over the body. Our Spinal Decompression technology provides relief from a wide variety of causes of back and neck pain.

The comprehensive, proprietary treatments of ViscoGen™ have provided optimal health and surgery-free pain relief for thousands of patients in Orlando. Get back your active lifestyle. Contact us today and let the trained professionals of ViscoGen™ deliver lasting respite from your chronic pain.