Knee pain is no joke. From limiting our basic mobility, to preventing us from enjoying the things we love with our friends and family, we know how detrimental it can be to our physical and emotional health.

At ViscoGen™, we provide a comprehensive approach to treating knee pain at the source, rather than opting into surgery and prescription painkillers as the only solution. Most recently, our clinic introduced an innovative, groundbreaking Class IV Laser technology to the residents of Orlando – and it’s been used successfully to treat hundreds of patients suffering from knee pain.

How does laser therapy work?

The way laser therapy works to reduce knee pain is based on the science of red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light. When these are applied to our tissues with specific guidance, it produces a therapeutic effect by immediately reducing inflammation, promoting the circulation of nutrients and blood flow, and kickstarts the body’s natural healing process.

Most patients report immediate relief, no downtime, no discomfort during the process, and after a few sessions they report a much fuller recovery. Our laser knee therapy can also be used in our KneeVisc 5® protocol – a comprehensive, multi-step treatment that includes injection therapy and rehabilitation.

Want to Try It Out?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical knee pain treatment in Orlando, ViscoGen™ is the region’s leader with a track record of success. Our experienced medical team is uniquely qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat chronic and acute knee pain conditions without the need of surgery.

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