Mr. Randy Black was descending a hotel staircase one day when his knee finally gave in. This painful episode not only left him hurting, but took away one of his most favorite things in the world: his ability to ride his bike.

From that moment onward, his knee was never the same. Every time he tried to take a ride, his knee would pop, click, and make sounds that accompanied the pain. Not only was he limited in his ability to be active, take walks, and stand for long periods of time, the pain was so severe that it often prevented him from getting a good night’s sleep.

It wasn’t long before Randy found himself at an orthopedic surgeon’s office, who recommend a limited cortisone treatment. “When that stops working, you’ll need knee replacement surgery,” he told Randy. While he considered it to be an option potentially in the future, Randy began to think if it wasn’t his only option. Only until the pain was unbearable would he want to consider surgery.

A New Chapter: ViscoGen™

After some research online, Randy discovered that there was a non-surgical knee pain clinic near him in Lake Nona, Orlando. He found out about the KneeVisc 5® treatment at ViscoGen™. Immediately after consulting with the medical team, they recommended a treatment plan using this groundbreaking technique that would effectively allow Randy to avoid knee replacement surgery.

“I went in for my consultation, they explained the process to me, which was really impressive, and I even had the first treatment there that day,” explains Randy.

After 4 more weeks of treatments, Randy’s knee pain had subsided.

“Away it went. Piece of cake!” Randy said. “And all the staff was extremely supportive and caring. Overall a great experience.”

Fast Forward to Today

Randy’s sleeping well, walking up and down the stairs, not to mention logging 15+ miles a day on his bike!

Don’t just think that surgery is your only option. You owe it to yourself to explore non-surgical options for knee pain today.

Watch his testimonial below to learn about how this innovative, non-surgical treatment for knee pain changed his life!